this is me
Here's a story of a girl,
Living in the lonely world,
A hidden note, A secret crush,
A little boy who talks too much.

Well, I'm standing in the crowd,
And when you smile I check you out,
But you don't even know my name,
You're too busy playing games,

And I want you too know,
If you lose your way,
I won't let you go.

If I cut my hair,
If I change my clothes,
Will you notice me?

If I bite my lip,
If I say hello,
Will you notice me?


hi my name is Klara Ameliana and my friends call me Amel, okay WELCOME TO MY BLOG and enjoyed in my blog! (:










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Lyrics of the song "Notice Me" by Zetta Bytes

Senin, 21 Maret 2011

When you feel alone, like no one else cares about you, you shouldread this, because this is true ...

"every night ....
before you sleep, there is someone thinking of you ...
in this world, there are at least 15 people who love you ..
there's a reason if people hate you, because they want to be like you ...
in this world at least, there are 2 people who are willing to give uphis life for you ...
you are all over the world for that person ..
even, sometimes, people you do not know that he loves you ...
when you make your greatest mistake, something that happensfrom your mistakes ...
at times you feel everyone hates you, remember all the praise thatonce you get from people ...
forget all the ridicule of others who are not good .. "

You are a beautiful star ...
and you will shine like a star, if you believe in yourself ...
do not be afraid ...
because it will always be people who support you ..

"believe in yourself!"

Will you ever notice me...


friendship is like a hand and eye ...
if the hands hurt, eyes cries ...
when the eye cries, the hand that wiped tears that ..

so, if you have a friend ...
do not you make her feel sad and hurt ..

God would give one person, which is very important for our lives ...
if we have found that person, keep them, so they do not disappearfrom our lives ...
because if they are not there ..
we certainly would feel very sad ...
and our hearts will be felt sick ...

so, your life will be beautiful with your best friend's:)

Will you ever notice me...

Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

hi ...!! :) hmm, actually maybe we live, so difficult. if we want something, we can not necessarily something we want. but we should, do not be upset, angry or bored with it.

The best way to get something we want it in a way:
1. diligently pray
2. be patient
3. trying to keep, what we want.

if we diligently pray and be patient, we will definitely get something we want. do you ever think anything about this? God did know what we want, but, if we do not ask for it, God would not give it. so, in addition to diligent prayer, we also have to be patient to get something we want it. "WE MUST REMAIN PATIENCE, WE WANT SOMETHING THAT IS SURE TO BE THE REALITY. Trust me!"

That's my post now, wait for my next post, bye.. bye..

Will you ever notice me...

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

I do not know why everyone has a different nature?

There's nothing like:

- grumpy
- cheerful
- loner
- selfish
- arrogant
- etc.

if you have properties like the above?

Hmmmm ... I do not like with people who "DO NOT HAVE A SENSE thank OTHERS"
but if we have problems like people like that, we simply do nothing,we ignore all the talk he was terribly important to remember.

the words of the very favorite of my friend is Helena Nathanael is :

I prefer the same people who SAY HURTS BUT HONEST, than those whose words are SWEET but it was a LIE AND HYPOCRITICAL!”

Hmmm... I thought it better that way, hahahaha :P

okay, that's my post, if you do not like my post, PLEASE DO NOT EVERAGAIN COME TO MY BLOG

Thanks :) have a nice day all :D

Will you ever notice me...

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

My sister also became one of inspiration. although we both fights, but I still love her. my sister name is Silvia Devi. She is always help me, when I couldn’t do anything. She said "Mel, study hard! so you can be good value. so mom and daddy will happy”

of course I also want my parents happy.

And my sister wants me to be a child who is not "plain" again. Hahahahaha….!!!!! I just laugh!

She said :

if you want to ask the people, not be shy!”

Don’t listen to the words of people who can deceive!”

“if you have a problem, tell it to me, I can help you!”

Don’t listen to the words of people, just believe in yourself!”

Hmmmm… I think my sister is “Devil” but, she was good also to me. I always try to listen to tips and It is very useful for me!

Thank you my sister! I love you, you are my inspiration ^_^

Will you ever notice me...


My Bestfriend is the best

Hi, before writing this story, I just wanted to say "my best friend is the best!" I have a bestfriend, and we had six years of friendship. and her name is Helena Nathanael. and I also had two bestfriends, Josephine Tammy and Friska Dwi Enita. We had two years of friendship. And of course those who inspire me.

They always say: I miss the old of you, Ameliana”

I know, “Amel's different now”. I don’t know, why now “I’m different from the first”? However, my friend always says "you have to try, Amel!". and I thought "okay, you have to change Amel, do not disappoint your friend”. I will try to be a good people for now! Okayyy! I will try! I love you All!

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Kamis, 11 November 2010

ga tau kenapa, dari kemaren w sakit terus, hmmmm... mungkin karena perubahan cuaca kali, maybe yes, maybe no, I don't know.
jadi kalo apa-apa, pasti serba pusing!!!!! -___-
sekarang aja w posting blog ini sambil badan w lemes-lemes! haduh-haduh!
malah tadi di sekolah jadi tidur lagi! entahlah gara-gara capek atau apa, pokoknya down banget!!!!!
tapi w sangat berterima kasih banyak sama 3 sahabat w ini atas ucapan cepet sembuhnya, makasih banyak ya!!! aku menyayangi kalian semua!!! :D mereka adalah Helen, Tammy dan Friska, makasih banyak ya, yang udah nemenin hari-hari w dengan senang, walaupun w lagi sakit!!!! :'D

oke, sekian post w kali ini, bye..bye tunggu postingan w yang baru ya, sampe w sembuh :)

Will you ever notice me...